Elevate Your Photos with a Black Background

Add depth and sophistication with a black background to your images with just a few clicks.

Our Black Background Tools at Play

Unedited Rolex GMT Pepsi 126710BLRO watchEdited Rolex GMT Pepsi 126710BLRO watch with Black Background

How It Works

  • 1
    Select Your Image
    Click on “Start from a photo” to choose the image you wish to edit. Our tool supports both PNG, JPEG, JPG, HEIC and WEBP formats.
  • 2
    Automatic Background Transformation
    The tool automatically removes your photo's existing background and replaces it with a sleek black backdrop.
  • 3
    Download Your Edited Image
    Download your newly edited image with its white background as a PNG file. For added convenience, create an account to store your work and access more photo editing features.
  • Striking Contrast with a Black Background

    A black background offers a stark contrast that highlights your subject, making it stand out with more clarity and impact.

    A Ballerina in a white dress with a before and after editing of a Black Background
  • Black Backgrounds give Sophistication & Drama

    Black backgrounds add an element of sophistication and drama to your photos, perfect for creating a mood or focusing attention on the subject.

    A Book from The Love Duck with a Before and After editing of a Black Background
  • Diversify with a Black Background

    Whether for product photography, portraits, or artistic compositions, a black background is versatile and fits a wide range of photographic styles and purposes.

    A yellow Mercedes GT Coupé with partial Black Background


  • Can I use this tool with any image size?
    Yes, our tool supports images of all dimensions.
  • Is it possible to change the black background to another color?
    Absolutely, but you would need to use one of our many other tools for this.
  • Do I need to install any software to get a black background?
    No, the tool is web-based and requires no installation.
  • Is there a fee for applying a black background?
    Adding a black background is free, but we do offer additional advanced features through our Pro version.
  • How long does the editing process take?
    The process is quick, typically taking just a few seconds to complete.
  • Can I edit images on my mobile device?
    Yes, it is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Is my edited image saved online?
    If you create an account, you can choose to save your work online for easy access.
  • Can I use the edited images for commercial purposes?
    Yes, images edited with this tool can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
  • Does the tool also remove objects from the photo?
    No, but we do have other features available for removing unwanted objects from your images.
  • Is customer support available if I encounter issues?
    Yes, we provide customer support and have a community of contributors ready to help on various issues.