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Our Beginning

In the vibrant city of Hong Kong,z Wallpapers.com began its journey in October 2020. Founded by Henrick Yau and nurtured under the wings of Targa Limited, our platform has quickly become a haven for over 2,000,000 unique and captivating backgrounds and wallpapers.

Our Community

Our strength lies in our diverse community of over 10,000 contributors from around the globe. These gifted photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists form the backbone of Wallpapers.com. They benefit from our innovative contributor program, earning from visits to their profiles and downloads of their creations, including images, PNGs, and SVGs.

Our Services

Wallpapers.com transcends being a mere gallery of images. We equip graphic designers and photographers with advanced tools to remove backgrounds, enhance image quality, and unlock new realms of creativity. Our platform is a crucible where artistry meets technology.

Our Impact

From our headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, we've reached an audience of over 300,000,000 annual pageviews worldwide. This number reflects the global resonance of our vision and the trust users place in our platform.

Our Accessibility

We are committed to making our platform accessible to everyone. Wallpapers.com is free for daily use, with a premium option that offers additional perks for those seeking more from their experience.

Our Mission

At Wallpapers.com, we're driven by the belief that visuals have the power to transform environments and inspire minds. Our mission is to be more than a platform; we aim to be a catalyst for creativity and a supporter of artists across the globe.

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