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Our Blue Background Tools at Play

Welsh Corgi SmilingWelsh Corgi in a Blue Background

How It Works

  • 1
    Select Your Image
    Ready to change your photo's background? Click "Make It Blue Now" to pick your preferred snapshot. Whether it's a PNG or JPG, any size works perfectly.
  • 2
    Automatic Background Transformation
    Magic happens now - your photo's existing background vanishes, replaced with a vibrant blue.
  • 3
    Download Your Edited Image
    Time to save your masterpiece. Download your creation with its new blue background.
  • The Blue Background Is Locked In

    Our tool for swapping backgrounds to blue is set - You can however take a look at our other tools for different colors.

    An avocado in a before and after picture for a blue background
  • Dive Into Blue Backgrounds

    From the calm of navy to the depth of midnight blue, choices abound. Fancy more? This tool also allows for white, black, or red backgrounds.

    Asian Woman looking sophisticated in a Blue Background
  • Blue Sets the Scene

    Blue backgrounds bring a serene yet striking effect to your images, enveloping each shot in calm and coolness. We open up a world of images with blue backgrounds.

    White Adidas Pharrell's in a White Photobox as Before and Blue Background as After
  • A Hue of Serenity

    Switching to blue becomes effortless and swift with our AI-driven Blue Background Replacement Tool. Perfect for any subject, this shade adds a tranquil yet dynamic touch to your photos.

    Man jumping with a Canyon as background in the Before shot and a Blue Background in the After
  • Explore Beyond the Blue

    Our toolbox goes further, offering a variety of enhancements for your photos.

    Two kids with the Original Image, the Blue Background and a Photo Enhanced Image


  • What is the Blue Background Replacement Tool?
    It's a free online service that lets you change the background of your photos to a shade of blue, enhancing the visual appeal of your images with minimal effort.
  • How does the tool work?
    Simply upload your photo, and our AI-driven technology automatically detects and removes the existing background, replacing it with a blue one of your choice.
  • Which image formats are supported?
    Our tool supports PNG, JPEG, JPG, HEIC, and WEBP formats, catering to a wide range of user needs.
  • Is there a limit to the image size I can upload?
    Yes, there's a limit. For optimal performance and faster processing, we don’t allow for images exceeding 5MB.
  • Can I use this tool on my mobile device?
    Absolutely! Our tool is designed to work on any browsers seamlessly across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Do I need to create an account to use the tool?
    No account creation is necessary. You can start transforming your images right away, though signing up can provide access to additional features and save your editing history.
  • How many times can I use this tool for free?
    There's no usage limit. Feel free to change the backgrounds of as many photos as you'd like, completely free of charge.
  • Can I choose different shades of blue for the background?
    No, you can’t select from a variety of blue shades. We have fixed a blue hue for you.
  • What happens to my uploaded photos after I use the tool?
    Your privacy is paramount. Uploaded photos are automatically deleted from our servers after processing, ensuring your data remains secure.
  • Are there any other free tools available besides the blue background replacement?
    Indeed, we offer a range of free tools designed to enhance your photos, including background blurring, red-eye removal, and more, all available on our platform.