How To Get Live Wallpaper On Apple Watch

By Bruce Published September 15, 2023

How To Get Live Wallpaper On Apple Watch
How To Get Live Wallpaper On Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, with its sleek design and impressive display, is more than just a timepiece. It's a fashion statement, a fitness tracker, and a mini-computer on your wrist. One way to make your Apple Watch truly unique is by using live wallpapers. If you're curious about how to set a live wallpaper on your Apple Watch, let's dive right in!

Steps to Set a Live Wallpaper on Apple Watch

  1. Using Live Photos:
    • The Apple Watch allows you to set any Live Photo from your iPhone as a live wallpaper.
    • First, ensure the Live Photo you want to use is saved on your iPhone.
    • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
    • Go to Face Gallery > Photos.
    • Select the Live Photo you want to use and sync it to your Apple Watch.
  2. Customizing the Watch Face:
    • Once the Live Photo is synced, raise your wrist to wake your Apple Watch.
    • Press firmly on the watch face to enter customization mode.
    • Swipe left or right to choose the Photos Watch Face.
    • Tap Customize and select the Live Photo you synced earlier.
  3. Third-party Apps:
    • There are apps available on the App Store that offer live wallpapers specifically designed for the Apple Watch.
    • Download your preferred app, choose a wallpaper, and follow the app's instructions to set it.
  4. From Websites:
    • Some platforms, like, might offer live wallpapers suitable for the Apple Watch. Download the desired wallpaper to your iPhone, convert it to a Live Photo if necessary, and then sync it to your Apple Watch.

Things to Remember

  • Battery Consumption: Using live wallpapers can slightly increase battery consumption. If you prioritize battery life, consider using them selectively.
  • Short Animations: Live wallpapers on the Apple Watch are brief animations, so choose images with clear and concise movements for the best effect.
  • Quality Matters: For the best visual experience, ensure the live wallpaper or Live Photo is of high quality.


The Apple Watch is a marvel of modern technology, and with live wallpapers, it becomes an even more personalized accessory. Whether it's the gentle sway of a flower, the mesmerizing dance of a jellyfish, or a cherished Live Photo memory, live wallpapers can make every glance at your watch a delightful experience. Explore the dynamic world of live wallpapers and let your Apple Watch come alive on your wrist!