How To Put Live Wallpaper On Windows 11

By Martin Published September 15, 2023

How To Put Live Wallpaper On Windows 11
How To Put Live Wallpaper On Windows 11

Windows 11, with its revamped design and enhanced features, has brought a fresh wave of excitement for PC users. One of the standout features that users adore is the ability to set live wallpapers. These dynamic backgrounds can transform the mundane desktop experience into a visual spectacle. If you're eager to dive into the world of live wallpapers on Windows 11, this guide is your roadmap.

Steps to Set Live Wallpaper on Windows 11

  1. Select the Right Software:
    • Windows 11 doesn't natively support live wallpapers. However, several third-party applications, such as Wallpaper Engine or Lively Wallpaper, can enable this feature.
  2. Download and Install:
    • Visit platforms like Steam (for Wallpaper Engine) or the official website of your chosen software. Download and proceed with the installation.
  3. Browse and Choose:
    • Once installed, open the software. You'll find a library of live wallpapers. While these apps offer a good selection, you can also import premium live wallpapers from
  4. Customize and Apply:
    • Preview the live wallpaper, adjust settings like speed or color (if available), and apply it to your desktop.

Expert Tips for a Mesmerizing Desktop Experience

  • Performance Considerations: Live wallpapers, while visually stunning, can use more system resources. Ensure your PC's specifications align with the software's requirements.
  • High-Quality Selections: Opt for high-resolution live wallpapers for a crisp visual experience. Platforms like are goldmines for top-tier dynamic wallpapers.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly update your live wallpaper software to enjoy new features, improved performance, and bug fixes.


Setting a live wallpaper on Windows 11 is a journey into visual delight. It's a chance to infuse life, motion, and a touch of personal flair into your computing experience. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a lover of abstract visuals, or someone who enjoys the calm of space vistas, there's a live wallpaper waiting to adorn your Windows 11 desktop. Dive in, and let your screen come alive with motion and color!