How To Get Free Live Wallpapers For iPhone

By Hector Published September 15, 2023

How To Get Free Live Wallpapers For iPhone
How To Get Free Live Wallpapers For iPhone

The iPhone's display is a canvas, waiting to be adorned with visuals that reflect your style and personality. While static wallpapers are great, live wallpapers elevate the experience, turning every touch into a mini visual spectacle. But here's the best part: you don't need to break the bank to enjoy this feature. Let's dive into how you can get free live wallpapers for your iPhone.

Steps to Get Free Live Wallpapers for iPhone

  1. Built-in Live Wallpapers:
    • iPhones come with a set of default live wallpapers. Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Wallpaper' > 'Choose a New Wallpaper' > 'Live' to access them.
  2. App Store Treasures:
    • The App Store hosts several apps offering free live wallpapers. Some popular options include "Live Wallpapers for Me", "Live Wallpapers Now", and "intoLive".
    • Download your chosen app, browse the free collection, and save your favorites.
  3. Online Platforms:
    • Websites like often have sections dedicated to free live wallpapers. Browse, download, and set them as your wallpaper.
  4. Create Your Own:
    • Use apps like "intoLive" to convert your videos or GIFs into Live Photos, which can then be set as live wallpapers.
  5. Setting the Wallpaper:
    • Once you've chosen a live wallpaper, go to 'Photos', select the Live Photo, tap the share icon, and choose 'Use as Wallpaper'.

Expert Tips for a Vibrant Display

  • Quality Over Quantity: Always prioritize high-resolution wallpapers for the best visual experience. Websites like ensure top-notch quality for their offerings.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your apps and iOS updated. New updates often come with new wallpapers and improved functionalities.
  • Storage Space: Live wallpapers can take up more storage than static ones. It's a good practice to clear out wallpapers you no longer use.


Live wallpapers are about adding a touch of life to your iPhone's display. They're about turning the mundane act of unlocking your phone into a delightful visual journey. And the fact that you can do this without spending a dime makes it all the more enticing. So, dive into the world of dynamic visuals, explore, experiment, and let your iPhone become a canvas of moving art!