How To Make Animated Wallpapers For Windows 10

By Stefan Published March 21, 2023

How To Make Animated Wallpapers For Windows 10
How To Make Animated Wallpapers For Windows 10

Inside This Article

Animated wallpaper images make your desktop or device look lively. A live wallpaper gives your display that added punch that static lock screen options don't have. Ever wondered to create your own animated backgrounds? Well, today we will discuss how to create your own animated desktop wallpaper. We will also talk about what apps you can use to create an animated background. Here is our how to create animated wallpapers guide.

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Key Takeaways

  • Use an app like Rainmeter or Wallpaper Engine to convert still images to dynamic wallpapers.
  • Some apps allow setting videos as desktop backgrounds but may affect computer performance.
  • Use third-party apps to apply animated wallpapers to your Windows, iOS, or Android devices.

How To Create Animated Wallpapers

Applying cool animated wallpapers for Windows 10 is great even when you’re just using stock wallpapers or videos. However, sometimes you want to unleash your creativity a bit more by making a wallpaper yourself. How can you achieve this? Let’s find out below. 

Use An App That Converts Still Images To Dynamic Wallpapers

Several animated wallpapers Windows 10 computers can use come from some sort of online library. However, what if your goal is to animate a still image you already possess? It could be a photo of your family, a memorable vacation, or your favorite travel destination.

Regardless of what it is, using a stock dynamic wallpaper from another source isn’t the way to go. However, you can’t exactly just apply your photo as a background and expect it to be animated —- or, can you?

Transform those still images into something alive on your desktop! Whether you're looking for free or an affordable solution, Rainmeter and Wallpaper Engine both offer a great way to animate any image. With these apps, take the static visuals of your favorite photos and make them come alive with dynamic movement!

Create Your Animation By Making A GIF Or Video

Take your wallpapers to the next level by transforming static photos into stunning animated images. Utilize a phone, camera, or online platform like Giphy to create videos and GIFs that can be imported onto one of our recommended programs - allowing you to turn average backgrounds into mesmerizing motion pieces!

Unleash your creativity and take control of your desktop experience with an animated GIF wallpaper or a video lock screen! You can create stunning visuals through paid programs such as the Adobe suite or Clip Studio Paint, but if you're willing to commit a bit more time there are free tools like Animaker and Blender (for 3D) available. All that's left is customizing it for Windows 10. Just imagine endless possibilities at your fingertips - no walls holding back ideas from taking flight on screen in animation form! There is nothing too difficult when you have the resources necessary; so what are you waiting for, turn up those creative juices and get started now with an amazing new wallpaper awaiting just around the corner.

Can You Set A Video As Your Desktop Background?

Setting an interesting, dynamic background is a great way to bring life to your devices. Even tablets and smartphones can support live wallpaper - but why stop there? Amazingly enough, you can now make a video of what appears behind all of those icons on your desktop! Plenty of programs let you set videos as wallpapers: some are free while others may require payment. Go ahead and try adding motion to the static view that greets you when powering up your machine!

Some apps are so powerful that they can even set entire feature-length film files as backgrounds. Apps like PUSH Video Wallpaper make this possible. However, remember that setting a video as your background may drain your resources.

Hence, it may eat up your RAM and GPU, making other tasks much harder to do. Moreover, using an animated wallpaper may slow your computer’s performance, getting in the way of work and other tasks. Nonetheless, it is possible if you truly want a video background. 

Final Word

If an animated wallpaper is your cup of tea, then you now have all the tools to create one from animated gifs or from video files. Time to improve your Windows desktop display by giving it a new wallpaper. Third party apps are a big help when making your own backgrounds which will make your home screen stand out. What are you waiting for? Set live wallpapers on your computer, iOS phone, or Android device today.

However, take note that in order to set an animated and moving wallpaper on Windows you'll need some apps to use them.