Why Did iOS 16 Remove Live Wallpapers

By Joe Published September 15, 2023

Why Did iOS 16 Remove Live Wallpapers
Why Did iOS 16 Remove Live Wallpapers

The evolution of iOS has always been a topic of interest for tech enthusiasts and everyday users alike. With every update, Apple brings forth changes, some of which are met with applause, while others raise eyebrows. One such change in iOS 16 was the removal of live wallpapers. Let's delve into the reasons behind this decision.

Reasons for the Removal

  1. Performance Concerns:
    • Live wallpapers, while visually appealing, can be resource-intensive. On older devices, they might cause slight lags or reduced responsiveness.
    • Apple's focus on optimizing performance could have led to the decision to remove this feature, ensuring a smoother experience for all users.
  2. Battery Life:
    • Dynamic animations, like those in live wallpapers, can consume more battery than static images.
    • By removing this feature, Apple might aim to extend the battery life of devices, especially older models that might struggle with battery longevity.
  3. Shift in Design Philosophy:
    • Apple often revisits its design philosophy to keep the user interface fresh and modern.
    • The removal of live wallpapers could signal a shift towards minimalism, emphasizing simplicity and functionality over aesthetics.
  4. User Feedback:
    • Apple takes user feedback seriously. If a significant number of users reported issues or showed a preference for static wallpapers, it could influence such a decision.
  5. Technical Challenges:
    • As iOS becomes more complex, ensuring compatibility and smooth performance for all features becomes challenging.
    • Removing certain features can sometimes be a strategic move to reduce potential bugs or conflicts in the system.

The Way Forward

  • Third-party Apps: Even with the removal from the native settings, users can still rely on third-party apps from the App Store to download or create live wallpapers.
  • Feedback to Apple: If live wallpapers were a beloved feature for you, consider providing feedback to Apple. They often consider user opinions when rolling out future updates.


While the removal of live wallpapers in iOS 16 might be disappointing for some, it's essential to remember that every change aims to enhance the overall user experience. Apple's decisions, whether adding new features or removing existing ones, are often rooted in extensive research and user feedback. As the iOS ecosystem continues to evolve, users can look forward to new innovations and improvements that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.